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Long live Canada !

Long live Canada Libre !

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Welcome to Canada Libre.

Our goal is to recall and explain that Québécois and other French speaking Canadiens embody the essence and the meaning of being Canadien. We want to show the crucial importance of this often overlooked fact in the Canadien and Québécois national issues.

Our intention is not to change the current name of a people nor the name of the country they may give themselves someday. We essentially want to explain, discuss and tell the history, roots and identity of the real Canadiens to undo the confusion that’s conveyed in the mainstream.


It is usually said that Canada is populated by Native peoples, Canadians and Quebecers. It has not always been like this. The native people have been in Canada for thousands of years and, not so long ago, the other populations in Canada were the Canadians and the English. A great example of this is the NHL hockey team The Montreal Canadiens (French: Les Canadiens de Montréal). Created in 1909, it was « the team of the francophone community in Montreal, composed of francophone players, and under francophone ownership », the « team colours are red, blue and white », the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge of the France flag, these «colours .. are an important part of French Canadian culture ». « French nicknames for the team include .. Les Habitants. In English, the team’s main nickname is the Habs, an abbreviation of Les Habitants. » In that context, Habitants means the « French settlers and the inhabitants of French origin who farmed the land along the two shores of the St. Lawrence Gulf and River .. ».

Why and how is it that the Canadian people is now call Quebecers while the English in Canada have wanted to take the name Canadian with pride?

It is deeply disappointing that everyone, including separatists and sovereignists, speak of Canada with the words of Anglos. This is unfortunate because it feeds the impression that Quebecers are non-Canadians, foreigners in their country, and that the separatists are against Canada, while fundamentally, we really are the Canadiens and we want to liberate our authentic Canada from domination of another people.

In fact, we want to free our Canada : Canada Libre !

This is of paramount importance to explain the confusion experienced by Quebec (Canada) between being part of Canada and the aspiration for a country that represents and protects them completely.


So : Why Canada Libre ?

– Because words are essential to define ideas. In order to make a clear and strong impression, we have to put the whole meaning of what we are and what we do in just a sentence or two. Otherwise, we get lost in details and confusion.

– Because our march towards sovereignty is not about a separation or about the creation of a new country and a new nation but it is essentially about the liberation from the foreign occupation that we have suffered for 260 years now. Calling ourselves Québécois does not reflect this reality. There was no Quebec nation before 1967. Talking about our Canada and calling ourselves Canadiens suffice to demonstrate that we have been here for more than 400 years in our « home and native land ».

In reality, our « march towards sovereignty » does mean separating Québec from anglo-canada, of course. But in essence, that is our liberation and we must convey it in words.

– Because the occupier took our name to make us disappear – since what has no name does not exist -. We found another name for our nation which is Québec; but in doing that we are cutting ourselves off from our deepest roots and from our 400 years of heritage. In addition, the occupier has not only taken our name but our national symbols as well : Ô Canada, the Beaver, the Moose and the Maple Leaf. This is all a deliberate act in order to take away our means to exist and assert ourselves as a people and a nation.

– Because not only does the occupier now present himself to the world as the natural inhabitant our land, but calling ourselves Québécois makes us look as foreigners in Canada and that makes our march towards sovereignty look like a « threat » to the country. Hence we, the real Canadiens, are relegated to the rank of usurpers while we are the ones suffering usurpation. Very « clever », those anglos, n’est-ce pas ?

– Because Canada Libre makes obvious the theft of our name and of our identity as well as the occupation of our territory and the eradication of our people, it defies the occupier on his own ideological ground and affirms the absolute legitimacy of our national independence project.

– Because Canada Libre does not let our enemies define us and because it puts us in a much better position than having to defend our people without its identity and its meaning, and therefore ideologically disarmed.

All this is summed up in two words.

That is why.


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Canada Libre

Sovereignty, separation

FLQ, RCMP and state terrorism


Amerindians, (starvation 1, the great peace, starvation 2, Jenness)

Quebec Bashing



Language regulation, bill 101, OQLF

Québécois and war


N’importe quoi




Canada Libre

My Canada is not anglo. My Canada exists since more than 400 years now, since long before any anglo could sail up the St-Lawrence without being sunk or walk across the Appalachians without getting scalped, long enough to create a new nation with a new identity and new ways of living with the Natives in the New-World and long enough to create a spirit strong enough to survive 255 years of racist anglo-centric, WASP, Orangist and imperialistic domination.

My nation is not anglo and anglo-imperialists in this country hate everything about it so much that they have used deportations, massacres, murders, institutional segregation, concentration camps, assimilation interment, economic exclusion, apartheid and forced exile to eradicate whoever was on this land before them : The Natives, the Acadiens, the Métis and us – the real Canadiens -.

Anglos in Canada who do not respect and value the heritage and the presence of those who have created Canada before them aren’t Canadiens no more than Nazis in occupied France were French and than Chinese in Tibet are Tibetans. As a nation, anglos just stole the name and the symbols of mine – the name, the Maple Leaf, the Beaver, the Ô Canada !, etc. – in order to make us disappear because what has no name does not exist.

Those people must find a name for themselves and learn to live in peace with others instead of denigrating, submitting and exterminating them.


This is not against anglophones at large. Not at all. I would not hyphenate the term with imperialist, centric or supremacist if I thought that all anglos are the same. This is against the domination of one nation upon others. Against one nation ruling other nations without their consent in order to exploit them and, ultimately, make them disappear.

If anglos had enough pride with they are to find a name for their nation then they would not need to steal ours.


The history of Canada is our own.


Canada Prime Minister has officially declared that :

« French is Canada’s founding language »

and that

« the founding of Québec City [in 1608] also marks the founding of the Canadian State. »

.. sounds very clear to me ..


Theo > Canada Libre

What is your definition of a Canadien?.

Canada Libre > Theo

It’s quite broad.

A Canadien is someone who lives ~permanently~ in Canada.

And, a Canadien is :

– NOT someone who pretends that Canada is only English

– NOT someone who pretends that Canada was only created in 1867

– NOT someone who denies that Canada existed as a nation for more than 150 years before anglos came over

– NOT someone who calls the founding people of Canada  » French  »

– NOT someone who constantly denigrates whatever is not anglo

– NOT someone who thinks that Canada will be better when it’s finished submitting or eradicating everything that is not anglo


The « NOT » list eliminates a lot or people. I know. Those should find a name for themselves instead of stealing our.

The Dude > Canada Libre

I will address each of your points:

1) I don’t think anyone does.

2) You’re right, it wasn’t created in 1867, but rather Canada was formed as a federal dominion of four provinces (Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick)

3) It wasn’t a nation before 1867, it was a series of colonies, both French and British.

4) The founding people were French, British, Scots (as in the first PM), and others were born in the colonies that would eventually become the Dominion of Canada. Before that for thousands of years, there were native tribes all over the land.

5) I’m sure there are some that denigrate whatever is not francophone. This is the tit for tat argument, so we’ll skip it.

6) You are the only one I see who thinks that Canada is trying to submit or eradicate everything that is not anglo.

Canada Libre > The Dude

4) Canada was founded by Samuel de Champlain (French catholic) and Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons (French protestant).

Canada Libre > The Dude

« 5 ) .. some that denigrate whatever is not francophone. »

a- I challenge you to find some evidence of that. You could always find some person, some day but something collective and recursive…

b- There is no mass media dedicated to denigrating anglos, none.

c- I challenge you to show us one anglo media that does NOT denigrate the real Canadiens on a regular basis.

Canada Libre > The Dude

6) What I think is of no interest. What’s happened and what is going on now is.

The list of evidences that demonstrate ethnic cleansing against Natives, Acadiens and Canadiens as been given here many times already without any one objecting the facts.

Today, the Indian reservations remain and the federation, the charter and the constitution are still imposed to all without ever getting any popular consent.


Stephen Harper

« French is Canada’s founding language. »
« the founding of Québec City also marks the founding of the Canadian State. »
– Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, July 7 2007

Source : The 400th anniversary of the founding of Québec City




Sovereignty, separation

Thanks for calling me separatist. That is a compliment.

– 234 nations live in **independent** and **separated** countries today – including yours.

– Almost 200 of those did not exist 100 years ago

The world is separatist. Its only in keneda that anglo-imperialists and their submissive Québec federalists still believe in the  »servage » type middle-age model of society.

thanks again 🙂


You like giving lessons with history ?

Talking about Bosnia; did you know that Slobodan Milosevic is the last man in history who attempted partition of a sovereign nation and that he died in jail during his trial for crimes against humanity ??

Nice lesson, han ??


There is a contemporary shift of all peoples in the world to sovereign and separated nations. Last I have heard was Kosovo’s sovereignty and Soudan’s split.

Independence is not a good thing anymore ? .. silliness ?? Then, will humanity go back to imperialistic servage ? Klan ? Will anglo-canadians seek restoration of the British Empire power over canada ?


Humanity is made of over 200 independent and sovereign nations of which about 150 were still submitted to others one century ago.

This is a global and powerful trend for most but not for imperialists, of course.


Sovereignty :

  • No more crook federalist politicians (the non-federalists do serve the people before the foreign imperial governement);
  • no more half of our wealth taken away;
  • no more million $ support every year for anglo-centric activists who work agains our state, our people and our language;
  • no more foreign remote control upon our frontier, fiscality, environnement, industry and commerce;

If that is good for the rest of the World and the Rest of canada then it’s good for us as well, of course.




FLQ, RCMP and state terrorism

The federal police was putting bombs around Montréal in 1970 to depict the democratic peaceful independence movements as terrorists.
That went into different trials – 17 RCMP agents charged for criminal offenses – and two Royal inquiry commissions – Commission Keable in Québec and Commission McDonald in Ottawa.

It is awkward that he populations in Canada do not know about something so important in their recent history; state terrorism in Canada !!

How come, do you think, the medias never mention this ??


F L Q is a creation of R C M P

Google Keable Commission and McDonald Commission for an initiation to that.


It’s like the Sikh terrorists investigation; the RCMP knew they had put a bomb in the Air India Flight 182, they did let it go and 329 people were killed in the crash.

What did the RCMP do after that ? Destroy the evidence that could have gotten the murderers in jail.

Or, the Sponsorship scandal ; zero progress after an investigation of TEN years. Like the Gomery Commission had not laid enough tracks already ..

Simple reporters can do better than the Royal Canadian Mounted Police..


Bombs in this country are usually a fact of the federal police under the the commands of anglo-imperialist leaders.

McDonald Commission :

Commission Keable :’enqu%C3%AAte_sur_des_op%C3%A9rations_polici%C3%A8res_en_territoire_qu%C3%A9b%C3%A9cois

FLQ, GRC et terrorisme d’état :

In case of planes, the RCMP let terrorists put the bombs, they let the plane take off without warning anyone and they destroy all evidence that would have proven the guilt of the perpetrators ..

Air India Flight 182 :






« Imperialism, as defined by the Dictionary of Human Geography, is « an unequal human and territorial relationship, .., based on ideas of superiority and practices of dominance, and involving the extension of authority and control of one state or people over another »

That is exactly what anglo-keneda is about.


For the imperialists, democracy is not a founding principle but just an instrument among others.


The vast majority of anglos in canada do not want to share the control over their country with others.

I am against a federation, charter of rights and constitution that are devised to establish the submission of my people to another and to make sure he could not protect his language and his culture.


What anglos have brought to the Natives, Acadiens, Métis and the true Canadiens:

– Deportation of the Acadiens, killing two thirds of them in the process.

– Massacres of the Natives and Métis, parking of the survivors in concentration camps (reserves) for more than two centuries, until today and forever ongoing.

– Internment of several generations of Natives children in forced assimilation institutions were they were beaten and abused into speaking English and were as much as 50% of them died or « disappeared ».

– Each and every peace treaty between the Natives and anglos broken.

– Natives starved to death for « medical experimentations » : Genocide.

– Imposed federation of all territories and provinces under one centralized power.

– Anti-French apartheid all over non-Québec Canada to eradicate French speaking majority populations (the real Canadiens)

– Real Canadians (the French speaking ones) forced into the status of « white ne88ers » – their main living condition indicators under anglo-imperialist domination equal or worse than those of the blacks in USA -.

– Two thirds of the real Canadiens forced into permanent exile in order to survive while the federal government was heavily sponsoring replacement immigration from Western Europe.  There are two times more descendants of New-France era Canada population in the USA than there are in Canada now.

– Imposed charter of rights and constitutions designed  to make it impossible for the real Canadiens to legally protect their language and their culture.

– State terrorism to fake separatist violence (FLQ) ; federal police putting bombs in Montréal, false communiqués, War measure act, anglo-army occupation, hundreds of people jailed without charge against them, etc. All that to fight the peaceful and democratic Québec independence movement.

– Criminal activities against Québec regulations to win the referendum votes on Québec sovereignty.

– Instrumentalization of the ethnics, obligation for immigrants to move to Québec to get citizenship, threat of losing it if they voted YES to Québec sovereignty (Parizeau was right !)

– Corruption, bribery, acquaintance with organized crime.

– Permanent anti-Québec, anti-Québécois and anti-French propaganda in most all anglo medias all across the country.

– Etc.

In short : Three centuries of continuous ethnic cleansing against whoever was in Canada before the anglos.


Imperialism = ethno-supremacism = deportations = massacres = concentration camps = Indian reservations = apartheid = segregation = forced exile = imposed federation = imposed constitution = constant denigration = anglo-canada

And, let’s not forget: Ethnic cleansing.

.. this country did not go from zero to 80 % anglo just by chance.


Who has deported the Acadians

Who has massacred the Natives and the Metis

Who has enforce anti-French apartheid across fthe roC for over a century

Who has maintained the real Canadiens in the status of white-ne$%rs, forcing have of them into permanent exile in order to survive.

Who, still today, is always expressing reject and intolerance towards everyone who is not submitting to anglo-supremacy…

Who ??



What’s wrong with my Canada – Québec – being free from your people’s domination ?


I will say anyone who impugns, or discriminates against people because of skin colour, religion, sexual orientation, background, etc. is wrong.


I will say deportation, massacres and anti-French apartheid all across the roC for over a century to eradicate French speaking Natives, Metis, Canadien and Acadian majority



I live in QUEBEC, within Canada. And I don’t like Quebec separatist.


Then you must like anglo-imperialism because that is the only practical alternative.

Scopes Monkey Trial

How do you come to that conclusion? I don’t like separatist’s politics, but most separatists I’ve met are nice people and liked them. However, I think if I met you, I wouldn’t like you.


I say that because anglo-canada is plain imperialist in the sense that it imposes anglo-centric control, views and culture upon everyone. You may say that it isn’t so now but think of how canada has become anglo first and foremost.

We, the real Canadiens who live in Québec, are the only group who still can oppose a real alternative to anglo supremacy. That incidentally is the reason why they hate and denigrate us so much all the times.


Not all anglophones are imperialists.


Anybody who serves a foreign nation against his own people should not be expected to be honest at the same time.


This country is two nations in nine provinces against one. Not to mention the different Native nations parked in misery reservations.


The whole population in Canada was French speaking plus many different Natives languages before anglo imperialists came over. Then there were deportations, massacres, reservations, assimilation internments, anti-French apartheid, economic segregation based on cultural background, forced exiles, etc.


Canada was completely French speaking until the English invaded it. This country has become English speaking trough ethnic cleansing, deportations, massacres, genocide, reservations, apartheid, segregation, forced exile, etc.


Hatred of English ? Says who ?

who has deported the Acadians

who has massacred the Natives and the Métis

who has forced generations of Native kids in assimilation internment

who parks the remainder in misery reservations

who has used anti-French apartheid to eradicate the French speaking majority populations from the Maritimes, Ontario, the Prairies, etc.

Segregation, exclusion, forced exile, ..

Who hates who, you say ??

who should give and receive lessons, you think ?


The present situation strictly is about one nation dominating others to steal wealth power and prestige away from them.


I would not mind it if I had lost French to become a free man in a republic. But I refuse to go backward on the human evolution path to middle age imperialist servage.


Let’s cut the crap and keep it simple and efficient : Whether one supports the submission of Québec to anglo-canada or whether he supports the free and democratic choice of its population.


I agree that the treatment made to my ancestors by the brits was not as bad as that to the natives. We were not as low in the anglo-imperialist hierarchy of races.

In the early times of English occupation – during the 1700’s -, the King of England had no other choice in order to keep Canada than to get the support of the Canadiens. That is why we were given the rights to keep our religion, our language, our legal code and our territory in full. Canadiens were in a good position, the different governors (Murray, Carleton, ..) had no problems with the habitants and the economy was doing well.

And, together with the British army, we and the natives did successfully save British North America from rebel invasions in 1777 and in 1812. The British alone would not have been able to fight the American armies as well as Canadiens militias and natives commandos at the same time.

After 1812, the relations with USA cooled down and the Canadiens were not so necessary anymore. Things gradually went sour and sour. In 1839, for example, after more than a decade of parliamentary debates and popular pressure in vain, the Canadiens went into rebellion, that was mated violently and followed the 1840 and 1867 federations where our situation as colonized populations was sealed with vast efforts to challenge our very existence.

We have survived and we are still here, yes. And so are the Irish in their land, the Palestinians, the Basques, the Catalan, etc. Surviving and remaining was not a .. a walk in the park, let’s say.

It would help if our peoples knew about this better. That explains why each of us are still here, it shows that anglos presence had to be accommodating and that the Canadiens are not just the abandoned losers of the French-Indian war.


With all the crimes and ostracisation that’s currently on their hands, Anglos must have the decency to stop giving respect lessons to others, first, until they offer some sincere apology and tangible measures of reparation.

And when is it that those outrageous Indian reservations will be dismantled and natives be given back some of the dignity they so fr%?&ng well deserve ???? This is not the past, it is TODAY, it is NOW, it is YOUR Canada !!

That would just be a start but a good one. And as far as I am concerned, there is no way that this country can remain united without that.


There is one thing that you can say to prove that you are a respectable person.

It is that you hate imperialism under any shape or form and you fully agree that any people and any nation has the complete right to chose freely what it likes for its state and governance without being interfered in any ways by any other people or nation.

If you don’t agree with that then you are some imperialist as/$%ole.


F***ing Frogs! – The Untold Story of Discrimination in Professional Hockey Against French-Speaking Players

By Bob Sirois
Dec. 13, 2010

Every December, just before the World Junior hockey Championships, Canada’s hockey decision-makers pick the country’s Junior Team Canada, and every December Quebec hockey players are told that they just don’t make muster. Canada’s hockey brass even managed to keep the great Mario Lemieux off that team when he was still a junior in the Quebec hockey league. It was said that Mario Lemieux – who has been more productive than Wayne Gretzky – was unable to adapt to the Canadian hockey style.

When I made this point on the Canadian sports channel TSN’s show Off the Record, host Michael Landsberg asked former New Jersey Devils star Bobby Holik, originally from the Czech Republic, what he thought. Bobby Holik replied, “I agree with him 100%. Because I’ve experienced it myself where I believe I had to fight for my spot, fight for my ice time, more and longer than the Western Canadians or Ontario-born and raised.


Canada’s Political Police at Work

RCMPThe use of repression as an instrument of government policy is rooted in the very nature of Canada. Like the Czarist empire, the Canadian state is a veritable “prison house of nations.” It was built on the oppression of the Québécois, the near-annihilation of Native peoples, and the degradation of the Acadiens and other francophones outside Quebec. These peoples, comprising more than one third of the present population of Canada, were never asked if they assented to Confederation. And the Québécois are not the only ones today to be questioning the value of remaining in Canada. Moreover, extreme differences of wealth and privilege within Canadian society as a whole have created a history of deepgoing class struggles. Holding such a state together has required more than a little coercion, both legal and extralegal.




When Québec will have gotten rid of the roC, anglo-imperialists will have nothing to lose anymore at putting all the francophones in concentration camps like they still do with the Natives.

Next will be the Chinese, then the Packis, the Hindous, etc.

Pretty soon they will have their ideal place of pure ethno-centric White Anglo Saxon Protestants. 300 and something years of ethnic cleansing to get there.








The Dude

If you want to talk about stealing, you might want to ask the native people of Quebec the origin of the word Canada.


During his trips to Canada, Jacques Cartier met the Iroquoian natives living in the area from now Québec city to Tadoussac that he ended up calling Canadiens and Royaume du Canada. The word Canada itself probably comes from the expression  » kanata  » which simply means village.

In 1608, when Samuel de Champlain came to found Tadoussac and the city of Québec, there were no more natives anywhere along the St-Lawrence valley. From Gaspé to Hochelaga (Montréal) : no more Iroquoians, no more Canadiens, etc.

To this day, historians still speculate about the reasons why natives have disappeared from the St-Lawrence valley between 1542 and 1608. War, disease, migration,..


Did you say that something was stolen from someone ??


Mohakws : If it wasn’t for the French, they would have gotten exterminated by their own tribe on the USA side 300 hundred years ago. ..


The Iroquois usually sided with the English because they were at war with all other nations and all other nations were allied with the French, the Métis and the Canadiens.


Compare the Crees in Québec with those in Ontario – each sides of the Hudson Bay. The Québec Crees have signed La Convention de la Baie-James with Québec in the ’70 and La Paix des Braves in 2002 (with Bernard Landry then PQ Prime Minister). Their demography is booming and they start more and more businesses to develop and manage their increasing wealth

The Ontarian Crees are starving in misery reservations with no hope for a change ever.


There were no Native land stolen by the French.

Jacques Cartier met Iroquoians living in the St-Lawrence valley during his trips to Canada (1534 to 1541)

When Samuel de Champlain came to found the city of Québec, 67 years later, the whole region – from Gaspé to the Outaouais – was abandoned.

To this day, no one knows why the Iroquoians had disappeared; war, disease, migration …


Any respectable anglo would know better than to give lessons to others about how to treat the Natives.


The Amerindians WANTED the French to settle in Canada, they WANTED to trade with them and they WANTED to ally with them.

The Amerindians in Nouvelle-France were considered equal French citizens, not animals, and they had full power and freedom over their territories.


Jacques :

« What will an independent Quebec do if.. First Nations people decide that they wish to remain to Canada? »

Canada Libre :

The point of the question is ?? .. Find a pretext to keep our nation submitted to anglo-imperialism.

Jacques doesn’t care about the Natives. If he did then he would underline that the Crees in Québec have a much better life conditions than those in Ontario **because they live in Québec**, because they have signed the most advanced treaties that a Native nation ever reached with a modern state : 1) La Convention de la Baie-James and 2) La Paix des Braves.

Hence, while the Ontarian Crees live in misery reservations with no hope while the Québec Crees have had all their quality of life indicators largely improved during the last 40 years and they are now starting more and more business **because they live in Québec**

So, the more relevant question about Natives is : When Québec gets rid of the anglo-imperialist dictatorship, what will the roC do if Ontarian Crees and other roC First Nations people decide that they wish to join the new free state and be treated with respect instead of remaining into misery reservations ??


Canada gets human rights failing grade from Amnesty International

« By every measure, be it respect for treaty and land rights, levels of poverty, average life spans, violence against women and girls, dramatically disproportionate levels of arrest and incarceration or access to government services such as housing, health care, education, water and child protection, indigenous peoples across Canada continue to face a grave human rights crisis »

So the anglo-imperialists keep Natives in concentration camps

But not only that. As we can clearly see below, they constantly and systematically denigrate the founding people and the founding language of this country.

No wonder those guys have used ethnic cleansing on us for 300 years now.




Aboriginal Nutrition Experiments: Hungry Kids, Adults Were Test Subjects


.. hungry aboriginal children and adults were once used as unwitting subjects in nutritional experiments by Canadian government bureaucrats.

.. most disturbing aspects of government policy toward aboriginals immediately after the Second World War.

Government documents eventually revealed a long-standing, government-run experiment that came to span the entire country and involved at least 1,300 aboriginals, most of them children.

.. In 1947, plans were developed for research on about 1,000 hungry aboriginal children in six residential schools in Port Alberni, B.C., Kenora, Ont., Schubenacadie, N.S., and Lethbridge, Alta.

.. dental services were withdrawn from participating schools during that time. Gum health was an important measuring tool for scientists and they didn’t want treatments on children’s teeth distorting results.


Indian reservation = concentration camp
anglo-canada = nazi-Germany




The Great Peace of Montreal

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Great Peace of Montreal was a peace treaty between New France and 40 First Nations of North America. It was signed on August 4, 1701, by Louis-Hector de Callière, governor of New France, and 1300 representatives of 40 aboriginal nations.

La grande paix 1


Commerce and exploratory expeditions quietly resumed in peace after the signing of the treaty. The French explorer Cadillac left Montreal to explore the Great Lakes region, eventually founding the city of Detroit, which had a promising future. Jesuit priests resumed their spiritual mission-based work in the north. The Great Peace of Montreal is a unique diplomatic event in the history of the Americas. The treaty is still valid and recognized as such by the Native American tribes involved.

The French, in negotiating followed their traditional policy in the Americas, where the relationship with the natives was characterized by mutual respect and admiration and based on dialogue and negotiation. According to the 19th century historian Francis Parkman:

« Spanish civilization crushed the Indian; English civilization scorned and neglected him; French civilization embraced and cherished him »
—Francis Parkman.

La grande paix

Source :




When Canada used hunger to clear the West

JAMES DASCHUK, Contributed to The Globe and Mail, Friday, Jul. 19 2013

Blackfoot Camp, undated. ‘a decades-long cycle of malnutrition, suppressed immunity and sickness.’ (University of Toronto/Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library)

Rather than feed the hungry among its wards (even adult “Registered Indians” were not full citizens until 1960), government-employed physicians used pangs of hunger to further their research into malnutrition.


Despite guarantees of food aid in times of famine in Treaty No. 6, Canadian officials used food, or rather denied food, as a means to ethnically cleanse a vast region from Regina to the Alberta border as the Canadian Pacific Railway took shape.

For years, government officials withheld food from aboriginal people until they moved to their appointed reserves, forcing them to trade freedom for rations. Once on reserves, food placed in ration houses was withheld for so long that much of it rotted while the people it was intended to feed fell into a decades-long cycle of malnutrition, suppressed immunity and sickness from tuberculosis and other diseases. Thousands died.

Sir John A. Macdonald, acting as both prime minister and minister of Indian affairs during the darkest days of the famine, even boasted that the indigenous population was kept on the “verge of actual starvation,” in an attempt to deflect criticism that he was squandering public funds.

Source :




Diamond Jenness and ‘useful anthropology’ in Canada 1930-1950

Diamond Jenness ( 1886-1969) was a New Zealand Anthropologist who conducted research in Canada among Indians and Inuit.

Grace and Diamond Jenness , May and Andrew Ballantyne, 1911
Grace and Diamond Jenness , May and Andrew Ballantyne, 1911

Drawing on extensive, first-hand knowledge of the Dominion’s Indians and Inuit as a National Museum of Canada ethnologist between 1913 and 1947, Jenness witnessed the effects of state administration on them ..

.. in 1936 he became a special consultant to the Indian Affairs Branch .. In a series of official memoranda written in the thirties and again in the forties during testimony before a Senate-Commons Committee investigating the Indian Act, Jenness steadfastly advocated the urgent need for measures to insure Indians equal opportunities in education and economic life.

Central to Jenness’s criticism of existing policy was the assertion that Indian reserves perpetuated a ‘system of permanent segregation’ .. In effect, the reserves robbed Indians of their morale, health, and sense of well being, making them a ‘dejected, prison-like population’ and the objects of Euro-Canadian prejudice .. likening Indian administration to apartheid, the legalities of wardship status its colour bar, reserves its ‘bantustans’

Sekani Indians, McLeod Lake, British Columbia, 1924
Sekani Indians, McLeod Lake, British Columbia, 1924

Jenness .. likened the situation of Canadian Aboriginal peoples to that of the masses of European victims of Nazism – internees in concentration camps and camps for displaced persons, slave labourers – all of whom endured isolation from world currents … from the life and society all around them’, developing debilitating psychological dependencies on their warders and ‘warped mentalities’ in the process. Canada’s reserve system, he argued, has had a similar effect on Indians ..

In the end, little of a practical nature came of Jenness’s proposals on policy reform ...

Source :




Quebec Bashing


Psychological projection

Psychological projection was conceptualized by Sigmund Freud in the 1890s as a defense mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world. …

Projection may help a fragile ego reduce anxiety …

Projection tends to come to the fore in normal people at times of crisis, personal or political but is more commonly found in the neurotic or psychotic personalities functioning at a primitive level as in paranoia or borderline personality disorder.

Carl Jung considered that the unacceptable parts of the personality … were particularly likely to give rise to projection, both small-scale and on a national/international basis.

Source :


Quebec Bashing 101

From Why Quebec needs independance
Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quebec bashing, otherwise known as the anti-Quebec sentiment which is a rather nice term for something so ugly, is basically a manifestation of racism. I know, I know, You’re going to say “I’m not racist, I just hate Quebecers” or “I can’t be racist since I routinely accuse Quebecers of being horrible racists… and I mean that as a bad thing” or even this gem that was once offered up to me as a justification “It’s not racism because Quebecers aren’t a race”. Nonetheless, Quebec bashing is, without a doubt, an acceptable form of racism in Canada.

The Quebec basher will often pose as a social commentator who is simply casting a critical eye on Quebecois society but what he finds is invariably sinister. Hey, it’s not his fault. That’s just the way things are in Quebec, right? Wrong! Why? Because when there is a consistent habit of always applying double standards, of ignoring context or anything positive, of distorting and exaggerating anything negative, making these negative things emblematic of an entire people and not of individuals then your social commentary is more akin to saying that Mexicans are lazy or Jews are greedy. Endlessly repeating “Quebecers are racist” is no different.

suite :


We live in the universe of dignity and freedom for the people. , anglo-imperialists live in the universe of  »servage » for all people but one.


Someone said : « Quebec governments have denigrated anglophones »

That, is denigrating my government.


With all the racist anti-Québec propaganda that is flourishing in the roC, I expect a good riddance fest upon our next referendum.


It takes a global view of the context and the history to understand something in this. When one wants to understand, of course.

When one just wants to denigrate, then it just takes some stupid comments on Facebook and that’s it.



War of Words
February 8, 1998 9:38 AM
Morley Safer reports on efforts to enforce a French-language-only policy in the Canadian province of Quebec. So-called « language police » levy fines for English signs and force companies to conduct their business in French, driving many English-speakers out of Québec.

Some explanations are necessary to put the fight of anglos in Canada against the French language in perspective.

Nobody in Canada did speak English when England invaded our country. Here is how that was changed :

– Deportation of the Acadians, killing two thirds of them in the process.

– Massacres of the Natives and Metis, parking of the survivors in concentration camps (reserves), internment of their children in forced assimilation institutions, etc.

– Each and every peace treaties broken.

– Natives starved to death for « medical experimentations ».

– Imposed federation of all territories and provinces under one centralized power.

– Anti-French apartheid all over non-Québec Canada to eradicate French speaking majority populations.

– Real Canadians (the French) forced into the status of « white ne88ers » – their main living condition indicators under anglo-imperialist domination equal or worse than those of the blacks in USA -.

– Two thirds of the real Canadiens forced into permanent exile in order to survive while the governments were heavily sponsoring replacement immigration from Western Europe.

– Imposed charter of rights and constitutions to make it impossible for the real Canadiens to protect their language and their culture.

– State terrorism to fake separatist terrorists (FLQ) ; federal police bombs in Montréal, false communiqués, anglo-army occupation, hundreds of people jailed without charge against them, etc. All that to fight the peaceful and democratic Québec independence movements.

– Criminal activities against Québec regulations to win the referendum votes on Québec sovereignty.

– Instrumentalization of the ethnics, obligation to move to Québec to get citizenship, threat of losing it if they voted YES (Parizeau was right !)

– Corruption, bribery, acquaintance with organized crime.

– Permanent anti-Québec, anti-Québécois and anti-French propaganda

– And, of course, constant denigration and demonization in the medias..

Please take this into consideration when you hear or read complain about the ‘evil’
French, you might be in presence of some Canadian anglo-supremacist.

Mes respects,


edudyorlik channel (youtube) :

RD :

0,3 % of Ontarians are French ? (not even true but ..) That used to be 100 % before Canada was invaded by the English.

Let’s see how Canada became Anglophone : deportation, massacres, anti-French apartheid all across the roC for over a century to eradicate French speaking Natives, Metis, Canadien and Acadian majority. And much more.

Ethnic cleansing, genocide, crimes against humanity. Voilà le Canada.

edudyorlik :

yeah, that was hundreds of years ago, GET OVER IT. The British won the war and France ceded ALL OF CANADA to the British. DONE DEAL

Canada Libre :

edudyorlik said (1) : The British won the war and France ceded ALL OF CANADA to the British.

edudyorlik said (2) : that was hundreds of years ago, GET OVER IT

Those two statements came in the same comment. In the same paragraph !! Anglo-supremacist claim the past to justify their dictatorship over other nations and they tell other nations forget about the crimes against them because that is in the past.

That’s a clear evidence of a serious intellectual weakness.

edudyorlik :

Keep French in Quebec and be happy./ Leave the ROC alone.

Canada Libre

So that you can put what’s left of the real Canadiens in misery reservations like you do with the Natives.

300 years to get there ..

Next you will do all other Catholics, then the Blacks, the Jews, the Sikh, the Pakistanis, etc. until your nation has the Orangist White Anglo Saxon Protestant Eden that relentlessly strives for.


1003159_683656121661509_210377502_nIf it weren’t for the deportations, reservations, forced assimilation internment, language apartheid, forced exile of half the real Canadiens to USA to survive economic segregation while anglo-canada was subsidizing foreign immigration with our money; Canada would still be a French Nation by a large majority.

The fight against French that you pursue here just looks like it is part of this 300 yo ethno-supremacist anti-French venture.


i Hate

I can see the future…..
I see a Future Quebec, run by an Anglophone ..
I see separatists washing car windows, and using squeegees to wipe them down, begging (in broken English) for the sparest of spare change. A small price to pay, for wanting it “the separatist way”..


Asian journal

.. she is being really stupid.
.. Quebeckers are making asses of themselves all over the world
.. Quebec’s minister who is responsible for sports, Marie Malavoy .. What an idiot
.. sickening racism
.. Bernard Drainville, the province’s minister responsible for secular issues .. another bigoted moron from Quebec!
.. racist bonehead!
.. THICK-SKULLED BIGOTS AND RACISTS in Quebec .. need some brains! »

– Rattan Mall


Pure-Laine is a term initially coined by The Gazette to falsely pretend that french speaking Canadiens arrogantly thought only those who had ancestry going back to New-France would be worthy of respect.

In fact, the term pure-laine is never used by French speaking people to refer to themselves.

It’s interesting to notice ; now that diversity is viewed as an asset, that anglo-supremacists call the real Canadiens « Pure-Laine while » while, at the time when race purity was considered to be a sign of superiority, they were calling us «the bastards », « métis » or « sang-mêlés ».

The words change but the hatred always is the same.






Someone said : « Canada gives billions every year to Québec »

So you think that your leaders are stupid enough to lose money on a territory and a people that they control.

Who’s incompetent, then ??


The consequence of separation : Double income for Québec and 25 % loss for Ottawa.


Question : How many states are there in this world that completely own the power generation, transport and distribution facilities that’s on their territory ? That alone is worth much more than the current Québec debt.


As it is right now, an independent Québec will immediately qualify into the top ten nations with the best standards of living.


Freed from imperial occupation, the government of Québec will immediately have the double of its current income.

In the current situation where it sends 60-70 billions of dollars to Ottawa every year, Québec will still have no deficit in 2013 with the new PQ government.

The Ontario deficit this year will be $11.7 billion. Ottawa : $18,3 billion. Alberta : $6,3 billion (Alberta has more oil reserve than Saudi Arabia and can’t manage to balance its budget).


%70-80 billion : Just the sale and income taxes that Québec population currently pays to the federal account for most of that.


Québec has zero responsibility for the federal debt. The creditors of Ottawa cannot come to Québec to ask for any money.

Whatever part of the federal debt Québec would take will have to be negotiated and assets must be transferred in order to get make a deal.

Hence, getting rid of the roC might increase Québec gross debt but not its net one.


Here is the offer : You keep your $7-8 billions equalization welfare and we keep our $70-80 billions of sale and income taxes.


$70-80 billion per year loss for Ottawa is a serious economic consequence.


For the economy; he who has the power has the wealth.


There is no Québec currency to be devaluated but the CAD dollars is at risk of losing 25 % of its value as soon as we abandon it. That makes another  »serious economic consequence » for the roC.


A free Québec could have its own national currency or keep the CAD or the USD (many non US nations do that already), the EURO, the YEN or whatever it likes

If a separated Québec kept the CAD ; unlike now it would have some negotiation leverage on the fiscal policies.

Fiscally speaking, Québec currently is under the dictatorship of the roC. It can’t be worse than that.


Someone said : « Investors may think twice about Quebec »

They already do, that’s because of the foreign domination on our economy.


The territory of Québec holds 40 % of the mineral resources of the whole country, not counting the oil and gas ..

We have more than about one half of the hydropower potential and we have the most developed by far.

We have the St-Lawrence, the only all year long access to international waters that Ontario can use.

We have a close proximity to New-York city and the North-East US via the Champlain valley; a 100 million people market at our door.

We have the most educated population and the best health care system* in Canada.


* The best health care system in Canada. : The Fraser Institute (from Vancouver, I think) said so in last February. You should be able to make your way from this :

Coûts de santé : le Québec premier de classe au Canada

Performance des hôpitaux canadiens: le Québec brille


Young Quebecers have less interest to stay in a Québec that submitted and exploited by another nation that makes theirs disappear than in one who’s master of its own destiny.


Québec does pretty well even with one hand tied in the back – i.e. anglo-imperialist domination – so there is no doubt that it will do better when it masters its state, policies, territory and foreign trades.


I am not stupid enough to believe that anglos are stupid enough to loose money with a territory and a people that are under their control AND to want it to remain that way.

Are you ?


If Québec were so miserable, then why is it that anglo-imperialist leaders have committed crimes, lies, deceptions and used force to keep it under their control ???


Any economist would say that any nation is better be in control of its territory, borders and economy than to abandon those to imperialist foreigners


During the last full five years of PQ government – 1997 to 2002 – Québec has made no deficit and reimbursed some of its debt.

John James the-savior-of-keneda came to power and put the province back in debt immediately having the billions going to the libral mafia and his so called Industrie de la Corruption™.

Now, in 2013 Québec will have no deficit again.


Québec was force to Upper Canada (Ontario) debt when its was imposed the federation. 1 200 000 pounds in 1839. The actual value would be £1,390,000,000.00 or 2.25 billion dollars (source

Québec as paid to put the Prairies on the map, lay two transcontinental railways – not one : TWO – and one highway, get immigrants from from as far as eastern Europe and provide the transportation to the Prairies for free, provide free land and goods to build a shelter and survive one year while the Francos living there or in Québec or Ontario had no access to such privileges because they were systematically ostracized. Francos in Québec were maintained in white-ne66er conditions, forced to permanent exile to survive while being refused any access to the lands in the prairies.

Québec as paid like everybody else for the development of the auto, tar sand, gas and nuclear industries. There is none of those here. And Québec has never received any help for the hydro-power developpments



Equalization to Québec is just a smokescreen to make the gullible believe that anglo leaders are stupid enough to lose money with a territory and a population that are under their control.

While Québec receives $7-8G in equalization, its sends 60-80 billion in taxes to Ottawa ..


Québec, Alberta and Equalization

Québec has paid for over a hundred years to make and keep Alberta alive. Québec has paid for two transcontinental railroads – not one: TWO -, Québec has paid for a transcontinental highway, Québec has paid to send the army to eradicate the Indians and Métis, Québec has paid to import immigrants from Europe to the Prairies for free, Québec has paid for giving free lands to those, Québec has paid for materials to build shelters and grocery to survive their first year, Québec has paid for all that while anglo-imperialists imposed economic segregation so harsh on the real Canadiens more than half our people was forced into permanent exile to the USA to survive – we were not welcome in the West, no free land for Frogs -, Québec has paid to subsidize the culture of wheat, Québec has paid to subsidize the transportation of wheat , Québec has paid to make the tar sand exploitation feasible – Alberta has received $60 billion between 1979 and 1999 – Québec has paid to bail out the economy of Alberta during the 1980’s recession, Québec has paid to save the banks that were going bankrupt there, etc..

And today we pay over $ 3 billion (more money per capita than the equalization to Québec) in annual subsidies to foreign oil companies that destroy Alberta and export the oil while Québec still pays to import it from elsewhere.

That is what it is to be colonized. We have paid, we still pay and we get denigrated all the times.






Trudeau did what it took to kept Québec in anglo-keneda. He did promote the use of French across the country and dismantled the anti-French apartheid regulations that were still in place in five provinces until the 1980’s.

That is one side of Trudeau.

But Trudeau also had the federal police spying on people, he has have hundreds of perfectly honest and peaceful citizens jailed for months without charges, he has had Montréal occupied by the keneydian army, he has sponsored the radical elements of FLQ to blow a terrorist bubble around otherwise perfectly law abiding and democratic independence movements, he has lied to the people with the intent of deception, designed the charter of rights and constitution with the purpose of taking power away from the Québec without its consent to limit the possibility for my people to defend its language and culture and he has imposed those by manipulation, deception and force, etc.

No wonder Trudeau, despite the crimes and deception, is a hero for anglo-supremacists. He served them well.


« Sovereignism is dead »

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, August 1976 (less than three month before the election of the Parti Québécois)




Language regulation, bill 101, OQLF

There are over 390 public legislatures in nearly 200 countries – including all kk-nada anglo provinces as well as its federal government – that do enforce some language regulation :

Language regulation is the norm, not the exception.


Québec population is >80% French speaking and it’s only official language is French. The only bilingual things in kk-nada are the province of Nouveau-Brunswick and the federal government.

What Québec is doing is to make sure that we, the people of Québec, can live, shop, go to school, educate ourselves, work, find jobs and prosper on our land in our language.

Bill 101 and all other Québec is doing regulations as well are completely supported by kk-nada Charter of Rights and by the Supreme Court.


We are >80% of the population, not a supremacist minority that wants to eradicate the majority.

We need no excuse and no anglo can give us any lesson until they launder their past.

No parallel can be drawn between what Québec does now to protect the right of its >80% majority population to live in their language and the actions taken by small ethno-supremacist anglo minorities to eliminate French speaking Canadien, Acadiens and Métis as well as Native majority populations.

There was zero English in Canada before 1763. Anglos did not go from 0% to 79% of the population by the fact of « extremely accommodating » incentives. That is ethnic cleansing.


Someone said : « respect the rights of others »

We have the right to live, go to school, work, play, shop and do whatever we like in the only official language in Québec that is the native language of 80 % of the population and it is the duty of our government to make that right be respected.

>95 % of the governments in the world legislate on language issues. Why couldn’t we ? Not just because our anglo-centric minority hates French !!


The preservation and expression of language is a state responsibility. Every province in keneda, 28 USA states .. : *** 389 state s or territories part of 195 countries do have some language legislation in one shape or another.***…


Your Supreme Court currently supports each and every Québec law including bill 101.


Canada has become English by force; exclusion, apartheid, deportation, massacres, etc.

Talking about Québec; which law protects the right of Anglophone communities to all state services – Health care, Education, Justice, Social programs, communications with the government, municipal services, etc. – in their language ??

Which law guarantee all the necessary provincial funding for services in English (funding which, in fact, is much larger than the weight of those communities among Québec population (18,9% of the Health ministry budget and 28, 5 % of the higher Education budget spent on services provided in English and institutions that operate in English for a proportion of 5,6% Anglophones)

That law is Bill 101.

You don’t have to believe me, just see for yourself the official text of law in your language :

Now, tell us : Are you against that law ??


Québec has one and unique official language and so do Ontario, BC, PEI, TN, NS, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


The pasta thing happened during the John James regime (summer of 2012) while the OQLF was directed by anglo-centric activists **. Draw your own conclusions.

** – Brent Tyler, ex leader of the anglo party Alliance Quebec :

Gordon Bernstein, viewed as the potential next Montréal mayor by the anglo-centric propaganda site :

France Boucher, who showed nothing but disdain for the promotion of the French language in Québec :

– Moreover, John James had appointed Kathleen Weil – who has fought Bill 101 actively while she was Director of Legal Affairs, Alliance Quebec (1985-1989) – to the Executive Council of Quebec as Minister of Justice and Minister of Immigration


When Bill 101 was voted by the PQ, there were five other provinces in Canada where French was radically illegal. No services ! no schools !! no signs !!! and no jobs !!!!


Anglos rights to education, services, etc. in their language in Québec are guaranteed by Bill 101 :

The Charter of the French language



7. French is the language of the legislature and the courts in Québec, subject to the following:

(1) legislative bills shall be printed, published, passed and assented to in French and in English, and the statutes shall be printed and published in both languages;

(2) the regulations and other similar acts to which section 133 of the Constitution Act, 1867 applies shall be made, passed or issued, and printed and published in French and in English;

(3) the French and English versions of the texts referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 are equally authoritative;

(4) either French or English may be used by any person in, or in any pleading in or process issuing from, any court of Québec.

8. Where an English version exists of a regulation or other similar act to which section 133 of the Constitution Act, 1867 does not apply, the French text shall prevail in case of discrepancy.

9. Every judgment rendered by a court of justice and every decision rendered by a body discharging quasi-judicial functions shall, at the request of one of the parties, be translated into French or English, as the case may be, by the civil administration bound to bear the cost of operating such court or body.



27. In the health services and the social services, the documents filed in the clinical records shall be drafted in French or in English, as the person drafting them sees fit. However, each health service or social service may require such documents to be drafted in French alone. Resumés of clinical records must be furnished in French on demand to any person authorized to obtain them.

29.1. English language school boards and the Commission scolaire du Littoral are recognized school bodies.



.. Nothing in this section shall preclude instruction in English to foster the learning thereof, in accordance with the formalities and on the conditions prescribed in the basic school regulations established by the Government under section 447 of the Education Act (chapter I-13.3).

73. The following children, at the request of one of their parents, may receive instruction in English:

(1) a child whose father or mother is a Canadian citizen and received elementary instruction in English in Canada, provided that that instruction constitutes the major part of the elementary instruction he or she received in Canada;

(2) a child whose father or mother is a Canadian citizen and who has received or is receiving elementary or secondary instruction in English in Canada, and the brothers and sisters of that child, provided that that instruction constitutes the major part of the elementary or secondary instruction received by the child in Canada;

85. Children staying in Québec temporarily may, at the request of one of their parents, be exempted from the application of the first paragraph of section 72 and receive instruction in English


86.1. In addition to the cases provided for in section 73, the Government, by order, may, at the request of one of the parents, authorize generally the following children to receive their instruction in English:

(a) a child whose father or mother received the greater part of his or her elementary instruction in English elsewhere in Canada and, before establishing domicile in Québec, was domiciled in a province or territory that it indicates in the order and where it considers that the services of instruction in French offered to French-speaking persons are comparable to those offered in English to English-speaking persons in Québec;

(b) a child whose father or mother establishes domicile in Québec and who, during his last school year or from the beginning of the current school year, has received primary or secondary instruction in English in the province or territory indicated in the order;

(c) the younger brothers and sisters of children described in subparagraphs a and b.


English has become the main language in the roC trough the use of legislation – anti-French apartheid -,among other things (deportations, massacres, reservations, internment, etc.)


There are language laws protecting English in each provinces of the roC, in 28 US states and in England as well.

Alberta :


Francophone schools welcome students who are eligible for French-language education in accordance with Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Alberta School Act and district policies. In order for a student to be admitted, a parent must adhere to one of the following Charter’s criteria:

Whose first language learned and still understood is French;

Who received primary schooling in French in Canada;

Whose siblings were or are being educated at a francophone school in Canada.

In the spirit of Section 23, other categories of parents may be allowed to enrol their children in a francophone school while respecting the mission of francophone education. The final decision is made at the school board level.

Chapter S‑3

Enrolment in Francophone school

6(1) If a student’s parent is a Francophone who requests that the student be enrolled in a school operated by a Regional authority and the student resides in the Region within the distance from the school prescribed by regulation, the student is entitled to attend that school and the Regional authority shall enrol the student in that school.


French is the official language of Québec :

© Éditeur officiel du Québec Updated to 1 June 2013
This document has official status.

chapter C-11


WHEREAS the French language, the distinctive language of a people that is in the majority French-speaking, is the instrument by which that people has articulated its identity;

Whereas the National Assembly of Québec recognizes that Quebecers wish to see the quality and influence of the French language assured, and is resolved therefore to make of French the language of Government and the Law, as well as the normal and everyday language of work, instruction, communication, commerce and business;

Whereas the National Assembly intends to pursue this objective in a spirit of fairness and open-mindedness, respectful of the institutions of the English-speaking community of Québec, and respectful of the ethnic minorities, whose valuable contribution to the development of Québec it readily acknowledges;

Whereas the National Assembly of Québec recognizes the right of the Amerinds and the Inuit of Québec, the first inhabitants of this land, to preserve and develop their original language and culture;

Whereas these observations and intentions are in keeping with a new perception of the worth of national cultures in all parts of the earth, and of the obligation of every people to contribute in its special way to the international community;

Therefore, Her Majesty, with the advice and consent of the National Assembly of Québec, enacts as follows:



1. French is the official language of Québec.
1977, c. 5, s. 1.


2. Every person has a right to have the civil administration, the health services and social services, the public utility enterprises, the professional orders, the associations of employees and all enterprises doing business in Québec communicate with him in French.
1977, c. 5, s. 2; 1994, c. 40, s. 457; 1999, c. 40, s. 45.

3. In deliberative assembly, every person has a right to speak in French.
1977, c. 5, s. 3.

4. Workers have a right to carry on their activities in French.
1977, c. 5, s. 4.

5. Consumers of goods and services have a right to be informed and served in French.
1977, c. 5, s. 5.

6. Every person eligible for instruction in Québec has a right to receive that instruction in French.
1977, c. 5, s. 6.

Can someone indicate what’s wrong with that ?


We, the people of Québec, have the right to live, go to school, restaurants, shopping, have leisures, get an education and have jobs in the one and only official language of Québec.

It is the responsibility of our government to have our rights respected.


Anglo-imperialists like to denigrate anyone who does not submit to them and, in order to do so, they need to lie and create their own biased interpretation of reality.

In this case, ethno supremacists  »conveniently » confuse language regulations on the federal and provincial levels. First, they say that Québec is unilingual French, which is true, but they hide that the fact every other provinces and territories in Canada except New-Brunswick and Nunavut, are monolingual English. Secondly, they avoid to mention that the federal government is as much bilingual in Québec as it is anywhere else in the country :

*** Québec language regulations do not apply to federal institutions in Québec.***

** Québec language regulations do not apply to the banking, transport, telecommunications and many other industries in Québec because those are under federal jurisdiction. **

* Immigrants can do their oath in English in Québec *

‘that breaks the bubble, han !?


Someone said : « The « pastagate » incident did unfortunately occur! »

During the John James federalist regime. As the OQLF was directed by anglo-centric activists – Brent Tyler and Gordon Berstein – put there by the-savior-of-canada to shut it off.

They did a good backward job, n’est-ce pas ?


The Québec government signed an agreement with the Cree Nation stating that :

  • 108. Cree and French shall be the principal languages of the Regional Government.
  • 109. The Regional Government may use either French or English in its internal communications and language of work.
  • 110. A citizen may communicate verbally or in writing with the Regional Government, including at meetings of the council, in Cree, English or French.
  • 111. Texts and documents intended for Cree individuals or for the Cree population in general shall be translated into Cree and English, including any document enabling the users to exercise a right or meet an obligation.



Bilingualism in Canada (2011) :

  • Quebec : 42.6% *
  • New Brunswick : 33.2%.
  • Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia : 10% to 12%.
  • Manitoba : 8.6%
  • British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador : between 5% to 7%

Source = Statistic Canada.

* Think twice before you say that Québec is more bilingual than other province because of the anglos and ethnics : 5,6 % anglos and 14 % ethnics CAN NOT make a province 42,6 % bilingual.


The language law is widely supported by the Québec population :

In nine years in power at Québec governement, 2003 to 2012, even the very submissive and anglo-centric liberal governement of John James Charest did not dare touch a hair of the language law in the fear of causing large protests in the populations.

In fact, it’s 79 % of all Québec that supports the current language law (, p.10) and 60 % want it to expand.

.Support Loi 101 - Angur Reid


There is no language police in Québec. That just doesn’t exists.

There are civil servants who do visit, take notes of what they see and report the facts. That is the same for language regulation as it is for food sanitation, building safety, handicaps access, tax evasion, etc.

Those who created, use and convey the term language police a hateful bigots who can not tolerate that some nation is not submitting to their desire of supremacy. If not that then they are useful idiots.


Anglos in Québec are served with 6 anglo colleges, 3 anglo universities, 4 hospitals including one $3 billions super hospital, 250 medical clinics, 100 English-only municipalities (most each and every cities in Québec do offer services in English anyways), dozens or radio and TV stations and weekly medias plus 2 major daily medias.


Before the language law, Québec was going more and more monolingual.

With the language laws, Québec gets more and more bilingual.




Québécois and war

We, the real Canadiens, have beaten the American rebels out of Canada and saved anglo butts from being kick out America forever by them. Not once : TWICE; 1777 and 1812.

There were more army volunteers during WW2 from Québec than anywhere else in Canada. The same during the peak of our presence in Afghanistan,

And the greatest Canadien hero of the WW2 and the Korea War is a Québécois  »pure-laine » who, among other things, has freed a whole city from the Germans ALONE. His name was Léo Major, easy to find with google.



Yeah…let’s talk about centuries old grievances…INCLUDING « The Conquest »…shall we?


Sure ! Including the TWO times that WE – the real Canadians – saved anglos butts from being kicked out of America forever by rebel boots.


Someone said : « .. had not the British, after defeating France, given them the right to their own language, French would have disappear already .. »

Canada Libre : .. the Canadiens and Métis and Natives would have sided with the US rebels instead of the British king, in 1777 and in 1812, and the coward anglo loyalists – who were hiding behind walls during rebel invasions of Canada – would have quickly and surely gotten kicked out of America forever.






Quebec referendum, 1995 (wikipedia),_1995


The 1995 Love-In

Air Canada, Via Rail and bus companies gave hundreds of thousand free rides to and back from Montréal just for the expression of love. All those people took a week of their life to come to Montréal just to show their love. The federal government and dozens of anglo companies gave their employees free holidays to come to Montréal just for an expression of love ..

Funny how an imperialist nation that has committed atrocities to make others disappear suddenly falls in love with them like this.

Sad that it had disappeared as fast as it came.


The cheating won imperialists their 0,6% majority, 54 288 votes advantage:

– >56000 voters never really existed.

– Hundreds of thousand roCians who came for the – illegally sponsored – Love-In and voted the next day using a disposition in the law permitting ex-Québec residents the right to vote.

– >40 000 immigrants were lead to move to Montréal in 1995 and instructed to vote NO at the referendum to save – >40 000 immigrants were lead to move to Montréal in 1995 and instructed to vote NO at the referendum to « save the dominion » and « their newly and arbitrarily acquired citizenship ».

– 30 million dollars were illegally spent by the federal government in this campaign which was 600% beyond the legal limit.


Rejected votes in anglo ridings : It’s nobody’s fault if the roCians who came to vote in our referendum didn’t know how to put a vote marked in Québec ballots …


The majority of all Québécois who voted in 1995 voted OUI. The OUI did not win because of anglo-imperialist cheating.

Nothing new there. It’s quite likely that the referendum in for the union of Newfoundland to anglo-keneda was manipulated as well.


The last time the population of Québec was formally asked about that, the 1995 referendum, the majority of all Québec voters said YES to separation. It’s only the 200-300 000 roCians that came for the Love-In and voted the next day that gave the short win to the NO vote.


 » the immigration issue is silly  »

All immigration judges were moved from other roC cities to Montréal to do mass oath ceremonies, immigrants in the roC were told to move to Montréal in order to be given citizenship promptly, the oat ceremony included a speech on the referendum, threats about the eventuality of a YES win and clear instruction to vote NO.

No violation of the law, right. But that is full-fledged instrumentalization of ethnics.


Quebecers had two opportunities to leave Canada. Once before the constitution was entrenched and one after. On both occasions, Quebecers rejected the sovereignty plan.

The people has NEVER said YES to anglo-canada.

No one ever cared to ask, anyways. Imperialism ..


Anglos in Québec are a minority. Bill 101 gives them privileges. and it is entirely supported by the roC supreme court.

There is no problem;

Québec in Canada is one nation, not a minority. A nation cannot be imposed anything by another without consultation and consent.


You know what ? I give you this : If anglo-canada ever gets a majority support from Québec population on a clear question then I promise that I will never argue for sovereignty again.


Support for sovereignty and for independence has went way past the 50% line and above 60 % too :

Still, since the last B.C. and Alberta elections, we know that polls are meaningless. so let’s focus on what the population have said when they expressed their choice formally :

  • Support for sovereignty – 1995 Referendum : 49,6 %
  • Support for submission to the keunédieune federation : ZERO (no one was ever asked)



Option Canada and the Canadian Unity Council spent approximately $539,000 illegally during the 1995 referendum period

May 29, 2007

Québec, May 29, 2007 – Option Canada and the Canadian Unity Council (CCU) spent approximately $11 million in favour of the NO committee prior to and during the 1995 referendum period in Québec. Those funds came from only one source, namely the federal Department of Canadian Heritage. Approximately $539,000 of the $11 million were spent illegally during the referendum period, between October 1 and 30, 1995. These are some of the conclusions of the report tabled today by Mr. Bernard Grenier, mandated by Marcel Blanchet, Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, to investigate the allegations raised in the book entitled The Secrets of Option Canada by authors Normand Lester and Robin Philpot. While Mr. Grenier identifies in his report the main actors who were involved in the referendum campaign conducted by the NO side, he does not come to any negative conclusion regarding the elected members who were involved in the campaign.

“I wanted to get to the bottom of this important chapter of our democratic history and in this respect I am very satisfied with the work accomplished by Mr. Grenier and his team,” indicated Mr. Blanchet.

The mandate of the Commissioner of Inquiry and the conduct of the inquiry

The mandate entrusted to Mr. Bernard Grenier was “to inquire in to all the facts found and described in the book entitled The Secrets of Option Canadaandin all the documents which its authors submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer, as well as any other information that might come to the knowledge of the Commissioner in the performance of his mandate”. In particular, Mr. Grenier was responsible for determining if expenses had been incurred during the month preceding the October 30, 1995 referendum without having been authorized and reported, in violation of the provisions of the law.

To carry out his mandate, the Commissioner held 52 days of hearings, from September 18, 2006 to April 30, 2007, during which he heard 90 witnesses, including Daniel Johnson and Jean Charest, as well as Liza Frulla and Lucienne Robillard. More than 18,000 documents were analyzed, and some 4,500 were submitted as evidence, including a forensic accounting report and appendices, which alone contained close to 2,000 pages.

In response to questions of law and jurisdiction submitted to him by attorneys representing certain witnesses, Mr. Grenier determined that he had to investigate both the pre-referendum and the referendum periods. However, he had jurisdiction to investigate the expenses incurred by the federal government only insofar as they were related to the activities of Option Canada or the CCU and appeared in public documents.

Expenses that should have been authorized and reported

The financing rules with which the national committees and all of the actors involved in the 1995 referendum had to comply are found in the Special Version of the Election Act for the holding of a referendum (SVEAHR). Under these rules, during the referendum period, the expenses to promote the NO option had to be authorized by the official agent of the NO committee. Moreover, these expenses had to be paid from one source only, namely a “referendum fund” set up pursuant to the SVEAHR.

However, the evidence submitted to the Commissioner showed that expenses of $539,460 were incurred during the referendum period, using monies that were not coming from the “referendum fund” and had not been authorized by the official agent. It was not possible to evaluate certain other illegal expenses. The following table provides an overview of the types of illegal expenses incurred. More information on these expenses is found in the conclusion of Mr. Grenier’s report.

Expenses illegally incurred during the referendum period

Types of expenses

Amounts paid by Option Canada ($)

Amounts paid by the CCU ($)

Total ($)


9 379

9 379

Surveys and tracking public opinion

171 266

65 000

236 266

Affiliated group
(Conseil québécois des gens d’affaires du Canada)

35 000

35 000


12 000

12 000

Leasing services

6 891

6 891

Consultants, organizers and other contract employees

144 990

82 129

227 119


379 526

147 129

526 655

2 employees remunerated by the federal government

12 805

Grand total

539 460

This table shows that one of the two types of expenses which carries the highest amounts concerns “Consultants, organizers and other contract employees”. The heading comprises notably severance pays which were in fact salaries paid indirectly to workers for the NO side. A portion of the severance pays, namely $88,085, represents an unauthorized expense. It also includes an outlay of $71,313 representing the wages paid to individuals hired to “promote Canadian values” but who, in actual fact, performed various organization and communication tasks on behalf of the NO Committee during the referendum period.

Conclusions concerning the main actors

When drafting his report, Mr. Grenier ”was sensitive to the risk of adversely affecting, 11 or 12 years later, the reputation of individuals who had worked in good faith for the NO side”. “I will not reveal the identity of individuals who were only doing what they were asked to do in the field or behind a desk,” pointed out the Commissioner in his report. The Commissioner went on to say that “however, for reasons of transparency, I feel that it is important to identify the leaders or the main actors within the organizations involved in the referendum.”

Thus, Mr. Grenier draws “unfavourable conclusions” regarding a number of individuals:

  • Mr. René Lemaire, Executive Director of Option Canada as of September 7, 1995, made several regulated expenses without having obtained the authorization of the official agent of the NO committee.
  • Mr. Jocelyn Beaudoin, Executive Director of the CCU, continued to be involved in certain decisions of Option Canada which led to unauthorized expenses.
  • Mr. Réjean Roy, Financial Controller of the CCU and Option Canada, was also involved in the payment of regulated expenses that were not authorized by the official agent of the No committee.
  • Mr. Claude Dauphin, President of Option Canada, while not acting in bad faith, showed a lack of vigilance by receiving remuneration that was not reported and not authorized.
  • Ms. Nathalie Bernier, Official Agent of the No committee, accomplished her work with integrity, but chose not to make sure that Option Canada would not make unauthorized expenses and would report the regulated expenses that it made.

As for the role played by certain senior members of the Quebec Liberal Party, there is reason to believe that persons in authority lacked vigilance with respect to the activities of the CCU and Option Canada. However, the Commissioner states that the evidence submitted is insufficient to conclude that Pierre Anctil, Stéphane Bertrand, Pietro Perrino and Richard Vigneault acted in a manner that would justify the drawing of unfavourable conclusions in their respect.

To avoid prejudice and injustice for certain individuals that Mr. Grenier heard, he decided to maintain the Order banning the disclosure, release and dissemination of evidence, which he issued on September 18, 2006.

Categories : Provincial, Referendum – 1995


N’importe quoi

The Dude

So no anglophones allowed in a sovereign Quebec?


Stupid questions should be banned for sure.


United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN)…

Montréal Montréal
Québec Québec


They are not against hypocrisy, they are not against corruption, they are not against the mafia, no: They are against our sovereignty!

The colonized always follow their masters. When we are masters at us, they will follow us.


blmacdo said :

unlike separatists, English Quebecers don’t live in the past

Canada Libre :

You do not live in the past but you want to keep my nation under the control of yours just like middleagian imperialism.

The whole world is now made of different nations in separated and independent countries but you want to maintain mine in submission to yours. You denigrate, demonize and spread hateful propaganda just for that and you pretend that it is correct because Canada was invaded by England 260 years ago.

Yet, it’s OTHERS that you blame for living in the past…

Ça dit qu’on vit dans la passé parce qu’on refuse de s’écraser devant eux autres.

Tous les peuples de la terre vivent maintenant dans des pays indépendants et séparés pis, eux, ils mentent, manipulent, trichent et dénigrent pour nous soumettre à leur impérialisme moyenâgeux pis ils disent que c’est correct parce que l’Angleterre a envahi notre pays il y a 260 ans de cela.

Pis ça blâme les autres de vivre dans le passé…


Total fertility rate 2011
Nunavut 2.97
Saskatchewan 1.99
Northwest Territories 1.97
Manitoba 1.86
Alberta 1.81
Yukon 1.73
Quebec 1.69
Prince Edward Island 1.62
Canada 1.61
New Brunswick 1.54
Ontario 1.52
Nova Scotia 1.47
Newfoundland and Labrador 1.45
British Columbia 1.42

Note: Total fertility rate is the average number of children per woman.
Source: Statistics Canada


I find it amusing that anglos who have used ethnic cleansing to eradicate French from the non-Québec canada, who have kept Natives in concentration camps for centuries and who have no plan to let them go do call their victims xenophobic and racist because they resist and refuse to disappear.

Typical ethno-centric hypocrisy.


«The English are waking up! The English are waking up!»

Suspect in Quebec shooting: ‘The English are waking up’
By Douglas Stanglin, USA TODAY

A « very agitated » man arrested after allegedly opening fire and killing one person at a Montreal victory rally for the new premier of Quebec later shouted, « The English are waking up » CTV reports.

.. the shooter threw some kind of « Molotov cocktail, » lighting a small fire in the auditorium .. a 48-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene and a 27-year-old man was wounded but would survive …

.. the suspect shouted as he was being led away by police. It says he yelled, « the anglos are waking up » in French with an English accent. Then, alternating between English and French, he adds: « There’s going to be f—–g payback. It’s enough. Wanna make trouble. »

The attack took place just after Marois began speaking in English — a rare occurrence in a speech at a partisan PQ event. She had promised English-speaking Quebecers that their rights would be protected …


5 réflexions sur « Canada Libre, in English »

  1. The B.C government does not provide for education in French for French natives and it does not allow for a fair trial in their language.

    The founding language of this country !! …

    «« Supreme Court rules against tabling French-only court documents in B.C.

    .. lawsuit against the B.C. provincial government by a francophone parents’ group and French-language school board, citing violations to the right to be educated in French there.

    .. a 1731 British colonial law, requiring that court documents be tabled in English, still stands there. »»


  2. There is no need to forbid French in the roC anymore, it’s been eradicated already : 

    Tableau I
    Déclin de la population de langue maternelle française au Canada
    1766 99 %
    1840 45 %
    1850 36 %
    1861 34 %
    1867-1951 ± 29 %
    1961 28,1 %
    1971 26,1 %
    1981 25,7 %
    1991 24,7 %
    2001 22,9 %
    2006 22,1 %

    Tableau II
    Déclin du français comme langue d’usage à la maison au Canada
    1971 25,7 %
    1981 24,6 %
    1996 22,9 %
    2001 22,0 %
    2006 21,7 %

    Tableau III
    Déclin de la population de langue maternelle française au Canada **hors Québec**
    1941 7,8 %
    1951 7,3 %
    1961 6,6 %
    1971 6,0 %
    1981 5,2 %
    1991 4,8 %
    2001 4,4 %
    2006 4,1 %

    Tableau IV
    Déclin du français comme langue d’usage à la maison au Canada **hors Québec**
    1971 4,3 %
    1981 3,8 %
    1991 3,3 %
    2001 2,7 %
    2006 2,0 %

    Source : Le Génocide culturel des francophones au Canada


  3. « it’s hard to defend bigoted legislation against people who aren’t French with bigoted accusations against anyone who is not French). »

    The language law in Québec provides privileges to anglos that franco minority in the roC can only dream of.

    But, most of all, language law in Québec promotes the right of the >80 % majority to work, get an education and live in their language : RESPECT in DEMOCRACY !

    ON the other side, anglo occupant minorities have imposed English to all non-anglo MAJORITY populations in Canada through a wide spectrum of violent methods like deportation, massacres, concentration camps, forced exile, deception, propaganda, etc. : ETHNIC CLEANSING in IMPERIALISM !


  4. Diamond Jenness ( 1886-1969) was a New Zealand Anthropologist who conducted research in Canada among Indians and Inuit.

    Drawing on extensive, first-hand knowledge of the Dominion’s Indians and Inuit as a National Museum of Canada ethnologist between 1913 and 1947, Jenness witnessed the effects of state administration on them ..

    .. in 1936 he became a special consultant to the Indian Affairs Branch .. In a series of official memoranda written in the thirties and again in the forties during testimony before a Senate-Commons Committee investigating the Indian Act, Jenness steadfastly advocated the urgent need for measures to insure Indians equal opportunities in education and economic life.

    Central to Jenness’s criticism of existing policy was the assertion that Indian reserves perpetuated a ‘system of permanent segregation’ .. In effect, the reserves robbed Indians of their morale, health, and sense of well being, making them a ‘dejected, prison-like population’ and the objects of Euro-Canadian prejudice .. likening Indian administration to apartheid, the legalities of wardship status its colour bar, reserves its ‘bantustans’

    .. likened the situation of Canadian Aboriginal peoples to that of the masses of European victims of Nazism – internees in concentration camps and camps for displaced persons, slave labourers – all of whom endured isolation from ‘world currents … from the life and society all around them’, developing debilitating psychological dependencies on their warders and ‘warped mentalities’ in the process. Canada’s reserve system, he argued, has had a similar effect on Indians ..

    In the end, little of a practical nature came of Jenness’s proposals on policy reform ..

    Source : Diamond Jenness and ‘useful anthropology’ in Canada 1930-1950


  5. Au référendum de 1995, ce sont la tricherie, la manipulation et le crime qui ont donné aux impérialistes la majorité de 0,6%, un avantage de seulement 54 288 votes :

    – Plus de 56000 voteurs inscrits n’existaient pas réellement.

    – Des centaines de milliers de keunédieunnes venus soi-disant pour le Love-In illégalement commandités par le fédéral via des organismes bidons afin de voter ensuite dans notre référendum en utilisant une disposition de la loi permettant aux **ex résidants** du Québec de participer.

    – Plus de 40 000 immigrants manipulés afin qu’ils déménagent à Montréal durant l’année 1995 et recevant instruction de voter NON au référendum pour « sauver le kk-nada » sous menaces de perdre leur citoyenneté.

    – Plus de 30 millions de dollars dépensés illégalement par le fédéral durant la campagne référendaire ce qui dépasse la limite légale de 600%.

    Conclusion : la MAJORITÉ de tous les Québécois a voté OUI.


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