RCMP, FLQ and State Terrorism

We have already quoted some articles in French about this matter : 

The following are great sources in English :

3 réflexions sur « RCMP, FLQ and State Terrorism »

  1. ««« Vancouver Sun reporter John Sawatsky on December 7, 1976 in his front-page expose headline « Trail of break-in leads to RCMP cover-up ». Finally, on April 19, 1978, the Director of the RCMP criminal operations branch admitted that the RCMP had entered more than 400 premises without warrant since 1970. Among the over 400 admitted incidents were the following:

    * In April 1971, a team of RCMP officers broke into the storage facilities of Richelieu Explosives, and stole an unspecified amount of dynamite. A year later, in April 1972, officers hid four cases of dynamite in Mont Saint-Gregoire, in an attempt to link the explosives with the Le Front De Liberation du Quebec (FLQ). This was later admitted by Solicitor General Francis Fox on October 31 1977.

    * In 1971, the RCMP chief superintendent Donald Cobb oversaw the infiltration of FLQ cells with federal agents, and the releasing of a fraudulent « Manifesto » on behalf of the La Minerve cell, calling for increased violence.

    * On the night of May 6, 1972 the RCMP Security Service burned down a barn owned by FLQ member Paul Rose’s mother in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Rochelle, Quebec. They suspected that separatists were planning to meet with members of the Black Panthers from the United States. The arson came after they failed to convince a judge to allow them to wiretap the alleged meeting place. »»»

    From : A Brief History of RCMP Political Provocation, Racial Profiling, anti-Democratic Incidents edited from various sources by Marc E


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