Why Canada Libre ?


Why Canada Libre ? 

– Because words are essential to define ideas. In order to make a  clear and strong impression, we have to put the whole meaning of what  we are and what we do in just a sentence or two. Otherwise, we get  lost in details and confusion. 

– Because our march towards sovereignty is not about a separation or about the creation of a new country and a new nation but it is essentially about the liberation from the foreign occupation that we have suffered for 260 years now. Calling ourselves Québécois does not reflect this reality. There was no Quebec nation before 1967.  Talking about our Canada and calling ourselves Canadiens suffice to demonstrate that we have been here for more than 400 years in our « home and native land ».

 In reality, our « march towards sovereignty » does mean separating Québec from anglo-canada, of course. But in essence, that is our liberation and we must convey it in words.

 – Because the occupier took our name to make us disappear – since what has no name does not exist -. We found another name for our nation which is Québec; but in doing that we are cutting ourselves off from our deepest roots and from our 400 years of heritage. In addition, the occupier has not only taken our name but our national symbols as well : Ô Canada, the Beaver, the Moose and the Maple Leaf. This is all a deliberate act in order to take away our means to exist and assert ourselves as a people and a nation.

 – Because not only does the occupier now present himself to the world as the natural inhabitant our land, but calling ourselves Québécois makes us look as foreigners in Canada and that makes our march towards sovereignty look like a « threat » to the country. Hence we, the real Canadiens, are relegated to the rank of usurpers while we are the ones suffering usurpation. Very « clever », those anglos, n’est-ce pas ?

 – Because Canada Libre makes obvious the theft of our name and of our identity as well as the occupation of our territory and the eradication of our people, it defies the occupier on his own ideological ground and affirms the absolute legitimacy of our national independence project.

 – Because Canada Libre does not let our enemies define us and because it puts us in a much better position than having to defend our people without its identity and its meaning, and therefore ideologically disarmed.

All this is summed up in two words.

That is why.

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