To Justin Trudeau : It is not the Pope who has massacred the Natives

Trudeu to ask Pope Francis to aplogizeB

It is not the Pope who has deported the Acadians killing two thirds of them in the process.

It is not the Pope who has massacred, starved and infected the Natives and the Metis people.

It is not the Pope who has kept Natives in concentration camps for over two centuries now and who has kidnapped several generations of their children to confine them into forced assimilation institutions where they were abused and beatten into abandoning their culture to speak English.

It is not the Pope who has enforced anti-Canadiens apartheid for more than a century in all provinces and territories outside Québec to eradicate French speaking populations that often were majorities before that.

It is not the Pope who has used radical political and economic segregation to downgrade our ancestors to the status of white-slaves, making socioeconomic indicators of the real Canadiens (francophones) – infant mortality, education level, average income, life expectancy, etc. – the worst in Canada after those of the Natives, worst than those of any immigrant community and worst in comparison with anglos than those of black Americans compared to whites.

It is not the Pope who has forced two thirds of the (French speaking) Canadiens into permanent exile.


If Justin Trudeau really wanted an apology for the genocide against the Natives, he would give it himself because he is now the head of the imperialistic and ethnocentric Dominion that has brought three centuries of ethnic cleansing against whoever was in Canada before the anglos.

Justin Trudeau is just like his masters.