Some anglos argue that Bill 101 is invalid because of Napoleons Bonaparte.


The New Province of Montreal/La Nouvelle Province de Montréal argues that our rights and our resistance to assimilation could only be justified by the many crimes against humanity and the ethnic cleansing committed by the English and anglos against those who were in Canada before them.  He pretends that this justification is invalid because of crimes committed elsewhere and at other times by the French emperor Napoléon Bonaparte.

This is not standing because The New Province of Montreal/La Nouvelle Province de Montréal argumentation is based on an invalid form of argumentation commonly called the Straw Man Fallacy.

The Straw Man fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position. This sort of « reasoning » has the following pattern:

– Person A has position X
– Person B presents position Y (which is a distorted version of X)
– Person B attacks position Y
– Therefore X is false/incorrect/flawed.

This sort of « reasoning » is fallacious because attacking a distorted version of a position simply does not constitute an attack on the position itself. One might as well expect an attack on a poor drawing of a person to hurt the person.


The evidence is that Napoleon has absolutely nothing to do with the local context.  He was not even born when all ties between Canada and France were cut by the English invaders.

The position that The New Province  « simply ignores » with his fallacy are the fundamental French language rights in Quebec as listed in chapters I and  II of the Charter of the French language :


1. French is the official language of Québec.


2. Every person has a right to have the civil administration, the health services and social services, the public utility enterprises, the professional orders, the associations of employees and all enterprises doing business in Québec communicate with him in French.

3. In deliberative assembly, every person has a right to speak in French.

4. Workers have a right to carry on their activities in French.

5. Consumers of goods and services have a right to be informed and served in French.

6. Every person eligible for instruction in Québec has a right to receive that instruction in French.


Auteur : Canada Libre

Le Canada, c’est le Québec Le Québec, c’est le Canada Vive le Québec ! Vive le Canada ! Vive le Canada libre !

Une réflexion sur « Some anglos argue that Bill 101 is invalid because of Napoleons Bonaparte. »

  1. The New Province of Montreal/La Nouvelle Province de Montréal :
    « u are very selective, on ur page u cry about the Acadians which happended hundreds of years ago by the British. However when ur people commit the worse crimes not so long ago u ignore and dismiss. »

    Answer :
    We agree that deportation of the Acadiens was a Crime against Humanity, especially when killing 60 % of the people in the process.

    While this barbarian act of the British and anglos together with other massacres, infections, starvations, concentration camps, language apartheid, kidnapping of complete generations of Natives, forced assimilations, forced exiles, forced sterilizations, radical segregations, hatred propaganda, incitations to violence, denial of democracy, forced partitions, forced federations, imposed courts, governments, taxes and regulations, state terrorism, ETC. .. ALL this is cold blooded carefully planned ethnic cleansing against the Acadiens, the Métis, the Natives and the Canadien people (whoever were in Canada before the invasion) that ***profoundly defines the country as it is today and continues to inspire the contemporary line of thoughts of many such as yourself***.

    As for Napoléon : He wasn’t even born when the invaders completely cut all relations between Canada and France hence whatever he did is absolutely irrelevant to our context. And we didn’t care for France during the New-France Canada era, anyways.


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