The Demonization of Quebec

A nation that’s built on three centuries of ethnic cleansing cannot claim to have any kind of moral superiority.

The Demonization of Quebec

Why Quebec needs independence

SUNDAY, JULY 19, 2015

Quebec nationalism = racism

Racism and Its Metamorphoses

Like mushrooms in the undergrowth, ideologies which seem to have been buried once and for all are always ready to reappear with the slightest rain. The main difference between ideologies and mushrooms is that the former always reappear in new forms. In order to impose itself again, an old and discredited idea must first undergo a metamorphosis, for it must be readily perceived as a new idea.
The “classical” racist discourse had a certain structure which went beyond making accusations. It claimed to be an ideology based on a scientific theory. Racist theories were based on the idea of races and the psychological, cultural, social, and political superiority of some races over others. This ideology constituted a political weapon of persuasion, justifying the domination, or the privileges of the “superior races”.
However, this type of “classical” racism has largely been de-legitimized during the twentieth century. Today, real or imagined differences in cultures, languages, customs, and life-styles have taken over the role of race. Albert Memmi’s famous definition, adopted. …  [please continue on Why Quebec needs independence page]

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Le Canada, c’est le Québec Le Québec, c’est le Canada Vive le Québec ! Vive le Canada ! Vive le Canada libre !

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