What anglos have brought to Acadiens, Métis, Canadiens and the Natives

What anglos have brought to Acadiens, Métis, Canadiens and Natives :

– Deportation of the Acadiens, killing two thirds of them in the process.

– Massacres of the Natives and Métis, parking of the survivors in concentration camps (reserves) for more than two centuries, until today and forever ongoing.

– Internment of several generations of Natives children in forced assimilation institutions were they were beaten and abused into speaking English and were as much as 50% of them died or « disappeared ».

– Each and every peace treaty between the Natives and anglos broken.

– Natives starved to death for « medical experimentations » : Genocide.

– Imposed federation of all territories and provinces under one centralized power.

– Anti-French apartheid all over non-Québec Canada to eradicate French speaking majority populations (the real Canadiens)

– Real Canadians (the French speaking ones) forced into the status of « white ne88ers » – their main living condition indicators under anglo-imperialist domination equal or worse than those of the blacks in USA -.

– Two thirds of the real Canadiens forced into permanent exile in order to survive while the federal government was heavily sponsoring replacement immigration from Western Europe.  There are two times more descendants of New-France era Canada population in the USA than there are in Canada now.

– Imposed charter of rights and constitutions designed  to make it impossible for the real Canadiens to legally protect their language and their culture.

– State terrorism to fake separatist violence (FLQ) ; federal police putting bombs in Montréal, false communiqués, War measure act, anglo-army occupation, hundreds of people jailed without charge against them, etc. All that to fight the peaceful and democratic Québec independence movement.

– Criminal activities against Québec regulations to win the referendum votes on Québec sovereignty.

– Instrumentalization of the ethnics, obligation for immigrants to move to Québec to get citizenship, threat of losing it if they voted YES to Québec sovereignty (Parizeau was right !)

– Corruption, bribery, acquaintance with organized crime.

– Permanent anti-Québec, anti-Québécois and anti-French propaganda in most all anglo medias all across the country.

– Etc.

In short : Three centuries of continuous ethnic cleansing against whoever was in Canada before the anglos.

On n’ose même plus penser que nous sommes les seuls vrais Canadiens

« un indice profond sur la psychologie politique du nationalisme québécois : cette incapacité à penser vraiment la rupture autrement qu’à la manière d’une rupture douce, indolore, dont on ne se rendrait même pas compte. »
– Mathieu Bock-Côté

On n’ose plus même penser, et encore moins dire, que le Québec est le Canada, que le Canada est le Québec et que nous sommes Canadiens depuis plus de quatre siècles.

On n’ose plus même penser, et encore moins dire, que nous sommes le seul peuple fondateur de ce pays, envahi et occupé par des étrangers depuis plus de deux cent soixante ans.

On fuit mollement dans une « Québécoiserie » sans fondement et on laisse nos ennemis faire accroire qu’ils sont les habitants légitimes de notre pays et que nous ne sommes des éléments étrangers qui veulent le détruire.

Puisqu’on n’a pas le courage de penser notre existence autrement que dans le cadre et avec les termes imposés par les maîtres, comment pourrait-t-on avoir celui de les affronter pour se débarrasser d’eux ?

L’idée précède nécessairement le geste.

The Poor victims





En français

The New Province of Montreal

The New Province of Montreal/La Nouvelle Province de Montréal

Freedom of expression means that u cannot legislate French only of English half the size or bilingual. Private companies should be allowed to have anything they want on their signs and language.



So you say that YOUR Suprem Court is wrong, then.  it fully supports all of Québec’s laws including Bill 101


The New Province of Montreal/La Nouvelle Province de Montréal

Of course the supreme court made a wrong decision but look at the decision carefully the interpretation was also wrong. Courts in South Africa were wrong and so were southern courts in the USA in the segregation era.

As politicians were wrong in Manitoba for the French and in Ontario in the late 1800’s early 1900 in Canada

Our decisions our laws must mimic human rights declaration . As free people we must stand up and correct them in a legal fashion




Interesting.   The Suprem Court of Anglo keneda would be racist against anglos.

You are such poor victims.

Three centuries of ethnic cleansing against whoever was in Canada before anglos and you still have to suffer the presence of some real Canadiens who refuse to disappear and won’t submit completely to anglo rules.

Deportation of the Acadiens, massacres and murders of the Métis, starvation, infection and perpetual confinement of the Natives in concentration camps, kidnapping of several generations of Native youths who were beaten up and abused until they would speak English, over a century of anti-Canadien apartheid banning the founding language of this country in all provinces and territory outside of Québec in order to eradicate the French speaking majority populations, harsh economic segregation making the real Canadiens white ne78ers in their home land and forcing two-thirds of them into permanent exile for survival, permanent hatred propaganda and incitations to violence, denial of rights and democracy, systematically imposed federation, partition, constitution, courts,  governments and taxations,  state terrorism …  the list goes on and on and on …

And what do you do today : More denigration,  more lies, more hatred propaganda , plees for illegal partition, etc.  The old recipe as worked so well for centuries so you just keep the same today.

Bring that to UN and Amnesty International, like Galaganov has already, and they will laugh in your face…